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Just Login is an Online recruitment Application created for the HR department, Candidates and interviewers. This really helps the online recruitment process easy for company. Customized stages for the Candidates to clear each phase and passing to final stage of interviewing is compelling.

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Client’s Requirement

Just login is a Singapore -based company delivering Just login applications. We limbered up by analyzing the company, what drives them and their mission. From that point on it was easy to determine the target groups. We all know that the look, color and feel of one’s web/app are very important when it comes to first impressions.

This application is a whole suite which consists of various modules which can be used in any Office ERP system. The module we have created in this application was Recruitment. This module is created for the HR department, Candidates and interviewers. The HR department creates the Jobs for the openings in the portal. A job has various stages in its whole life cycle. So the HR department has to create all the interview stages and assign followers and interviewers to those respective stages. Candidates on the other hand can apply for jobs according to their skill and qualification and appear in different stages of interviews. Candidates carry forward from one phase to another phase as they keep on clearing their stages.

Our Strategy



To build the Online Recruitment application for managing the process between HR, Candidates and interviewers. we bought a strategic requirement gathering process in place. We study the ideas and other important aspects in the client meeting. We used different strategies throughout the process so that he could achieve the best results








We have few challenges in order to build this system:

Online recruitment services are immensely taking place around for a while now and so have the big players that steer the industry. So the challenge was to create a platform that was at least as appealing as anything promoted by the competition. Above that, it had to be focused on usability, maximum engagement and top-notch customization.

We started this project with a primary goal in mind, to develop an application that is effective specifically for Jobs recruitments. In other words, the main focus was on what they have to offer, in comparison to conventional recruitment platforms. That meant a highly complicated back-end structure and an engaging, user-friendly design.

Since recruitment is one independent module in the whole application, there was some kind of data which had to come from other modules whose access was not with us. So we had to ask for APIs from clients so that we could get the required data we required. In this process, we need to manage the uniqueness of the employee and match the Identities on both the systems (the APIs and the one we were building).

Another challenge was to cover all important custom stages of an interview. These stages are so customized that any of it can happen before any stage of the employee lifecycle; they are not in order and basically mutually exclusive. It is able to equip organizations with the tools to make work enjoyable for all. We made a mechanism where every stage should be independent of each other and not all stages are necessary to be completed in any defined order.

Our attention was focused on the intricacy of the project, which involved a lot of resources on both sides. Therefore we cannot but compliment the genius team behind it: a product manager, a back-end developer, a front-end developer, a designer, a QA specialist.


Our Technical Solutions to Client’s Needs

We kicked off with a firm wireframe keeping business objectives and the creative ideas in mind. Then we focused on custom features that would bring this type of business to the next level.

We build a highly effective system with the help of Angular 10, Dot.Net Core, HTML, SQL Server, Dapper and entity framework technologies, which caters to big corporate enterprises to recruit candidates for several postings in a streamlined manner. The features includes like: Job Openings, Hiring Stages, Candidate List, Candidate Profile

We created custom alerts that are one of the core elements of a job search platform, since as an employer; you need to notify as soon as you have a new candidate. The same goes for candidates who are keen about their application status.

Our first round of testing was on pure usability since searching for jobs can be quite time-consuming. That’s why any scrolling, clicking or unnecessary staring can result in major annoyance. In this regard, we ensure to eliminate any tiresome pop-ups or navigational errors. In the second round, we determined the relevance of the search results. The search algorithm is the core component of a job site, so we checked the listings to ensure they are accurate, fresh and easy to scan through.

As a result, we ended up with a modern, easy-to-use platform where even non-technical users can find their way. Plus, everything was running smoothly, which meant we did a quite good back-end job.

The truth of this project was both challenging and delightful. The most appealing aspect was to be able to present creative solutions that made the platform really amazing among its competitors.


Corporate Office , Employee Benefits


Job Openings

This is one of the core modules of the application where the job openings are created, this module allows the HR to input details of the job opening, manage comments and attachments regarding job opening and it also allows HR to track how many candidates have applied for the job opening.


Hiring Stages

This is a module in the software which makes the interviewing process an easy job. HR can see the candidate’s progress, status of candidate in each stage and they can also schedule interviews and send invite for interview to candidate using hiring stages module.


Candidate List

As explained by the name itself, its a list of all the candidates that have applied for all the job openings created by the HR and the job openings that have been assigned to HR. This module is entirely role based when it comes to displaying candidates. The list page has all the features to make the user experience smooth for the operator.


Candidate Profile

Candidate profile is another core functionality of the software. In the module HR can view and even edit the details of the candidate, this page is fed by a public URL form which candidate fills in. HR can manage candidate’s emails, comments on candidate profile and interviewers can submit their feedback on candidate’s performance in each hiring stage at interview level. Interviews can be scheduled and managed through this module.


Technologies and Tools

Angular 10 , Dot.Net Core , HTML , SQL Server, Dapper and entity framework

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