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Ecommerce Application


Client’s Requirement

  1. Fujima is an ecommerce  system especially designed for selling Smoking related products. 
  2. There is a Wide variety of these products with many variants as well. All the products are divided into clear categories. 
  3. Invoicing mechanism for the buyers so that they can pay later or even the credit limit for the buyers.

Our Strategy



To build this Ecommerce application for managing Smoking product Sale and invoice mechanism, we bought a strategic requirement gathering process in place. We study the ideas and other important aspects in the client meeting. We used different strategies throughout the process so that he could achieve the best results








We have few challenges in order to build this system:

Another challenge was to sync our database with the bluelink ERP database. Bluelink is a third party ERP system which was also being used for numed sales orders. So keeping both the databases in synchronization so that data stays updated in both the systems was a big challenge.   To synchronize the data between bluelink and Numed Database , we created auto shoot schedulers which used to compare the data and sync it accordingly. We also used replication to keep the data the same in the tables.

Another challenge was to manage the pricing of an item w.r.t the customer. There were two kinds of pricing , one was general pricing and another was specific to customers as well. So managing that one was a challenge for us. We created a separate Database schema to manage the customer specific pricing and comparing it to the standard pricing of the customer is new.


Our Technical Solutions to Client’s Needs

The End product is a full fledged ecommerce system which has a wide category of smoking related products and associated accessories. Since the number of products were huge , a well planned efficient searching system was kept in place which lets companies search the products without any hassle. This application provided a very smooth way of doing transitions as there were online transactions and the credit limit system for the customers.


The Key features of Amuzeus


B2B Smoking Application

This is a B2B system which deals on the online smoking accessories.


Product filter to ease user experience

Fujima USA has a advanced search which is really helpful for the buyers to search the product with the product code, Product name, or with the brand name.


Quick purchase with Separate Brand

Fujima USA has a separate Brand menu which is really helps the for the quick purchase of the product with brand name.


Credit limit facility available

Customers have a credit limit facility where they can buy the product with the credit limit and they can later pay off their invoices.


Technologies and Tools

Angular 10 , Dot.Net Core , HTML , SQL server, Telerik controls

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