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Local Event Search, Recommender System

Client’s Requirement

  1. Amuseus is a local event search engine by using the criteria to filter out the best activities based on your current context like; Audience, Budget, Duration, Environment, Period, Preparation & Themes
  2. There are two types of users, contributors and site visitors. 
  3. Event organizers can register and create their events with extensive details.
  4. Contributors can also invite their friends and connect to other user accounts to access their activity suggestions.
  5. The submitted events need admin approval to appear on the website.
  6. Published events receiving rewards toward the contributor’s account expiration.
  7. Contributors can create campaigns of their events to make them appear on the top of the search results.

Our Strategy



To build this Local Event Management application for managing Events, Publishers and Contributors, we bought a strategic requirement gathering process in place. We study the ideas and other important aspects in the client meeting. We used different strategies throughout the process so that he could achieve the best results





We have few challenges in order to build this system:

There was a challenge to show campaign events on top of search results, if multiple contributors have created campaigns in the same category and paid equal amounts.


Our Technical Solutions to Client’s Needs

We sorted the campaigns based on the nearest event date and in case there are multiple campaigns listed on the same event date, then we used distance for the sorting order.


The Key features of Amuzeus


Local Event Manager

It is local event search engine that helps to filter and register for fun activities.


Filter Management

There are various filters that help you to choose like audience, Budget, Duration, Environment, Period, Preparation & Themes.


Easy registerations and Event Creation

Its very easy to register as Event organizer and creating Event is in the application.


Contributor’s participation

Contributor can invite others for their event and ask for suggestions. They can create different campaigns for different fun activities.


Technologies and Tools

Angular, Dot.Net Core , HTML , SQL server

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