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B2B Ecommerce Drug Store

It’s an ecommerce system specially focused on medicines. This is a B2B system where pharmacists used to order the medicines from the platform. They have a huge database of medicines which keeps on updating every month from reliable third party resources.


Client’s Requirement

Numed is an innovative ecommerce solution especially designed for selling medicines to the pharmacists. It is a nationwide wholesale pharmaceutical distributor with a well-established reputation of unshakable account management. The medicine involved both generic or RX. It has a huge database of medicines. Our client aspired to develop a pharma portal that can assist in elevating a friendly network of retailers and pharmacies who share passion to make the healthcare industry happier, healthier and more remunerative. We understand the clients and business requirements regarding platform security. Especially in Online Pharma businesses that need high-end security to protect doctors’ and clients’ information. Invoicing system is effective for the buyers (pharmacists) so that they can pay later, also facilitating buyers with credit limits.

Our Strategy



To build the E-commerce application for managing Pharmacy Database and medicine order online , we bought a strategic requirement gathering process in place. We study the ideas and other important aspects in the client meeting. We used different strategies throughout the process so that he could achieve the best results








We have few challenges in order to build this system:

To embed the right technology with perfection is the challenge most businesses face. Our client wanted to build the website with the right expertise to transform the idea into a venture to earn profit and trust.

After digging a lot, Numed reached us for building the amazing pharma aid solution with the blend of getting advice and care at the same time.

Challenge was to create an enhanced solution to search for medicines on the portal. There were numerous criteria which were to be utilized to search for a medicine like salt, groups, UPC code or NDC code etc.

Syncing our database with the bluelink ERP database was not an easy task. Bluelink is a third party ERP system which was also being used for numed sales orders. Keeping both the databases in a synchronized manner so that data stays updated in both the systems was a big challenge.

Another challenge was to update the medicines database from a third party called medispan. Medispan provides updated medicines record along with their standard details like UPC/NDC code etc. so all the fresh inventory (medicines and salts) had to be uploaded into the numed database every month. Hence matching things with the existing database versus keeping what is needed from medispan was quite tricky.

In addition to that, the client wanted an interactive website with more compelling and advanced features with the quick response technology.


Our Technical Solutions to Client’s Needs

To build an efficient solution as per the client’s need, we developed a full-fledged strategy with the help of React Native, Angular, HTML, SQL server, Dot.Net Core technologies to meet the requirements.

Everything was well-organized and built accordingly, from authenticating the business model to other important aspects.

The first thing we did was sign up for starters. The website’s design is more worthy as it enables enlisting users providing their information like name, email, phone number, etc.

Apart from this, we implemented features that allow exchange of words with the respective consultants via texts or calls. Numed solve those doubts about any drugs and give the users authentic information.

We built a searching system based on some caching mechanism and optimized our queries in such a manner that the search was spontaneous and lightning faster. It was suggestive search and results kept coming as user types along the way.

To synchronize the data between bluelink and Numed Database, we created auto shoot schedulers which used to compare the data and sync it accordingly. We also used replication to keep the data the same in the tables.

Active campaign was integrated in order to update the customers about every single daily update or reminder. It helped our customers to always stay on their toes and act on what action is needed on the portal.

Further, our testing team analyzed and tested all the features. After the website was completed, we ensured the working of the software.

We have embedded features that protect customers’ financial and personal data. Our Solution accelerates fetching medical records and enabling more timely treatment. Clients also get the advantage of removing duplicates and errors on the platform.

As soon as the Numed got launched, it delivered tons of medications with an amazing user experience and successfully entered into the competitive market.

With Numed’s unique approach they are dominating the drug industry and people involved in medicine are continuously benefiting from this portal by nurturing their skills and earning users great reviews for improvement.


B2b Ecommerce Drug Store


B2b Ecommerce

It’s an ecommerce system specially focused on medicines. This is a B2B system where pharmacists used to order the medicines from the platform. It have a huge database of medicines which keeps on updating every month from reliable third party resources.


Easy Invoice and Purchase

The customers also have a credit limit option for their purchases. Invoices are raised to them so that they can pay later. The system has a really advanced searching and filtering mechanism to find out medicines using their UPC or NDC codes.


Technologies and Tools

Angular 10 , Dot.Net Core , HTML , SQL server

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