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Shipkee is a platform which helps you deliver your packages to their destination.  This platform offers various reliable shipping means to deliver your package. like UPS, FEDEX , DHL etc. Their APIs are integrated in the platform. Users can easily compare all the shipping options like no of days to reach, Pricing etc and choose as per his/her convenience. Shipkee generally is cheaper than its similar platforms and Customer has a provision to track his/her package real time.


Customers have to register as an individual by providing their details.

Admin verifies the account of the customers.

Customer can create his shipment by providing the necessary details.

customer  decides that weather he wants to pay via credit/debit or paypal, echeck  or invoice.

Customer can have his address book

Customer can create packages (type-  tube , pack, small or medium express box, letter, | dimensions | Weight |height width etc )

Customer can save their packages for similar shipments in future

Package tracking  : customer can track the packages based on the status

Cart  : Shipments can be added to cart so that they can be shipped multiple or later.

Drafted shipments – customers can keep their shipments as drafted as well.

Payment profiles  – customers can create multiple payment profiles to have many options for payments.

Customer can add  more users from his account.

Invoice screen  – Customers  can see all the pending invoices and pay from here.

Customer Preferences  :  Customer can set his/her default preferences like packaging to choose , shipping service , payment type or even his from address too. so by default  these parameters will work.


There is a feature for printing sample labels in a UPS based thermal printer. we needed to integrate this feature from UPS into the site which was very typical. We handled it already.

There is an integration of the amazon platform in the application so that users can track their amazon products as well within the application. Integrating it was a little challenging.

This application is also integrated with bluelink to manage sales orders. customers can enter their SO(Sales order) from the bluelink. Blue Link is a cloud-based ERP, inventory management and accounting solution that caters to small and midsize businesses.  We integrated Bluelink very smartly and carefully because we needed to set up a synchronization that we can easily get the data without creating duplicates.


Technologies and Tools

Angular 10 , Dot.Net Core , HTML , SQL server, Telerik controls

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