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COLL-8 is a dynamic new Logistics & Delivery business with unrivalled expertise in the Irish e-commerce delivery market and theiraim is to make e-commerce easier for Irish online shoppers and retailers alike.


Client’s Requirement

COLL-8 is a dynamic new business with unrivaled expertise in the Irish e-commerce delivery market. Website aimed to make e-commerce easier for Irish online shoppers and retailers alike. The client has a requirement to create a web portal where they can manage shipments, custom declarations, package returns, RBAC systems, and track shipments. Additionally, they need to create some portals like Pick Up and Drop Off locations to be accessed by their employees. Client wanted a single online system to authenticate users for different portals with all the business components.  Also they have a requirement to locate their physical stores. In general use they have requirements to create bulk shipments and customs declaration. A central data store with enhanced security and control without compromising flexibility was required. They need a support feature where customers can generate tickets for shipments related issues. All portals were gone through a complete automation testing process to ensure minimum manual intervention reduced operational cost and time.

Our Strategy



To build the Logistics and Delivery Management application for managing Irish E-commerce delivery , we bought a strategic requirement gathering process in place. We study the ideas and other important aspects in the client meeting. We used different strategies throughout the process so that he could achieve the best results








We have few challenges in order to build this system:

The client wanted a logistics operating platform that would transform the structure of the market for the better by digitizing the operations of monitoring and managing of the transportation process, GPS cargo tracking and legality checks.

Today ecommerce and online shopping is growing at a rocketing pace, safe and secure shipping is the big challenge among all the logistic companies. That’s the problem solved by us for our client COLL-8 service, and design helping them both make their customers happy and reach business goals.

Creating bulk shipments and customs declarations, content security policy and testing scripts with Azure pipelines were also challenging in itself.

One general direction we followed in the design process of this web portal was the symphonies combination of friendliness and seriousness. Our expertise to work on both design and user experience on the web allowed us a comprehensive and consistent design approach for all the channels of company communication with the target audience.


Our Technical Solutions to Client’s Needs

The web portal was built following the branding guidelines and the chosen palette of the corporate colors.

At the stage of the UI, our creative team came up with different innovative ideas to meet the client’s requirements with the real-world environment.

We created different portals to manage each service independently.

For authentication we have given a solution to integrate Auth0 with MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) and created a centralized Role Based Access Control. This RBAC portal allows Admin users to manage roles and accessibilities of different users. So users can access those portals as per their defined roles.

For creating bulk shipments and customs declarations we have developed bulk import functionality as a solution where users can upload a list of shipments and customs declaration in excel format. Also they have the option to export existing shipments and customs declarations for internal use.

We have implemented content security policy, proxy in Angular and NSG rules to make the web portals secured.

We have integrated automation testing using Selenium and Insomnia. These testing scripts are integrated along with Azure pipelines so it can be executed along with each code build.

We also integrated various third party services like Sonar Cloud Analysis, Payment SDK, Zendesk Support, Google Maps, and Google Analytics.

Our team developed an online logistics platform that performs a series of logistics solutions. The platform makes transportation more efficient, safer, transparent, and controllable.

We developed this system from scratch with the help of Angular 10, Dot.Net Core, HTML, SQL server, Azure DevOps, Auth0, Sonar Cloud, Selenium, a user-friendly logistics platform that has transformed the rules of the game in the logistics market. It provides opportunities to participants for immense business growth, saving them time and money, and helping them to build reliable supply chains and partnerships.

The COLL-8 project is a bright example of our tight and friendly collaboration of the creative team and the stakeholders who wish to reach the most customer-centric solutions possible.


The Key features of Coll8


Drop2shop Returns

Returns purchases by simply dropping them at local convenience drop2shop store instead of return through courier.


Drop2shop Collection

Drop2shop collection is the new ‘green’, fast and secure delivery method which makes collecting online shopping easy.


Dropme Parcel Delivery

When shoppers can’t get to their regular convenience store to collect bought online purchases, we’ll bring them to their preffered address.


Coll-8 Customs Clearance

Customs clearance service is ideal for fast, secure and transparent shipments to the Irish Republic.


Technologies and Tools

Angular 10 , Dot.Net Core , HTML , SQL server, Azure DevOps, Auth0, Sonar Cloud, Selenium.

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