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Patient’s Medical scans and tests management for insurance | Patient management | patient scanned (MRI, X-rays and other tests) reports management

This project deals with the tests and scans of the users who met with some sort of accidents. The project deals with the insurance firms, the attorneys and the medical facilities who conduct the required medical tests.
The management of patients is a major part here , along with, it also takes care of the invoices stuff.



Our client aimed to have an application with some unique features that deals with the tests and scans of the patients who met with some sort of accidents. Precise MRI’s mission is to facilitate patients with the insurance firms, the attorneys and the medical facilities who conduct the required medical tests. So it was essential that site users could find clear paths to what they need – Patient management, take care of the invoices stuff and patient scanned (MRI, X-rays and other tests) reports management . Precise MRI wanted to help its customers to get non-hassled service, providing online facilities and support to make the required tests and scans which are required for their insurance claim. This application does the patient management, invoices stuff and maintains the patient scanned reports .

Our Strategy



To build the Health care Management Application for Patient’s patient scanned (MRI, X-rays and other tests) and dealing with insurance firms , we bought a strategic requirement gathering process in place. We study the ideas and other important aspects in the client meeting. We used different strategies throughout the process so that he could achieve the best results








We have few challenges in order to build this system:

To create, engage, and inform websites dedicated to provide online facilities and support to make simple tests and scans systems. Patent management, resources access to a faculty provider access…all part of the road to success.

The client was looking for a development company experienced enough to transform the concept into a market-fit product.

Our primary concern was to build a robust, scalable, and secure solution.

The huge amount of data related to patients was coming from third party software called RAMSOFT and we needed to import that data into our database. That was the first and major challenge to keep that data in synchronization.

Interactive reporting was required from the client side with so many filters and alternatives.

 The complexity of the modules was higher. There were various roles like Radiologist, Precise Users, admin, attorneys etc. the functionality based on these roles was complicated in the sense that any process in the system was having lots of steps and if conditions, hence the logic making was complex.

 There were so many pre-scheduled or automatic logics, which needed to run in the system.

To build the website in such a way that patients can enquire online about their various services in detail.

 Significantly manage and create clear paths to opportunities and features in the websites

Implement a fully responsive solution with DOT.NET MVC , DOT.NET core ,Telerik


Our Technical Solutions to Client’s Needs

The goal? To design and create, website to facilitate patients with the insurance firms, the attorneys and the medical facilities who conduct the required medical tests.

Design campaigns that focused on certain geographical areas of Precise MRI.

To build this website as per the client’s needs, we bought a strategic requirement gathering process in place.

To overcome the complexity of the modules we analyzed every single scenario and wrote a pseudo code first before writing the actual logic.

We put together all content on the website that aligned perfectly for optimal search results.

To deal with huge amounts of data related to patients, we did it by smartly analyzing the data and created a few services to import that data on a regular basis from that system into ours.

For interactive reporting we had to make some custom plugins and eventually we used telerik controls for rendering those huge reports.

We had to create a separate project for schedulers so that the logic stays separate and keeps running without any hassle.

Our team successfully launched the Precise MRI within a few weeks. The whole website is highly scalable, resilient, and optimized for best performance.

We equipped this website with smart search and booking features allowing patients to connect on the spot with professionals.

The final solution we implemented is a highly-performing and feature-rich website. Allows users to access websites with ease.

Great experience working on this project, also clients showed interest in collaborating work with us.


Corporate Office , Employee Benefits



This is the core module of the application that fetches data from a third party software. Staff members can generate eSign links liens, generate attorney bills, send emails, FAXs and SMSs to patients and company staff using schedulers.


Auto Route v2

Company staff can upload documents and scan the details of the patients. Auto Route V2 also splits the files and automatically assigns the documents to the patient ID that is scanned from the bar code.


Scheduling Facility

This module uses an algorithm for mile weightage and dollar weightage set by super admin in each facility, the algorithm searches for the closest facility to the entered ZIP code and then the algorithm also sorts the highest dollar weightage facility to show on top.


Ordered Scheduler

This module has Signal-R and checks to make sure that two attorneys of same company are not working on same patient. In this page, the attorney calls the patient over telephone and asks a series of questions which are saved in a form called “PRE-SCREENING QUESTIONS”.



This module is used to manage the subpoenas provided by the court to copy service management companies. Company staff updates the status of the subpoenas and maintains payment details using this module to let the representatives know when the sub is ready for pickup.


Technologies and Tools

Angular 10 , Dot.Net Core , HTML , SQL server, Telerik controls

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