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Just Login is an Online recruitment Application created for the HR department, Candidates and interviewers. This really helps the online recruitment process easy for company. Customized stages for the Candidates to clear each phase and passing to final stage of interviewing is compelling.

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Client’s Requirement

Our client is a Singapore -based company delivering Just login applications for solving HR problems with beautiful products, driven by intuitive design and innovative technology.  It’s a whole suite which consists of various modules that can be used in any Office ERP system. The module we have created in this application was e-Benefits. This module deals with the other benefits an employee has working with an organization.  In particular, Just login delivers services for handling like gyming, travel, medical, clubbing, food, fueling etc. Client wanted an application with additional features where the admin creates several benefit policies for employees and designations and then adds the employees into those policies. The policies charge some fixed amount per year which can be claimed. The claims are then to be subjected for the approval by approvers. There can be multiple approvers to approve a claim.

Our Strategy



To build the HR management application for managing Employee policies & Claims , we bought a strategic requirement gathering process in place. We study the ideas and other important aspects in the client meeting. We used different strategies throughout the process so that he could achieve the best results.








We have few challenges in order to build this system:

The client wanted an enriched application functionality, making the process of HR work easily with no manual data entry or tedious administration, just productivity and an employee-first approach as efficient as possible.

The main challenge lay in planning the workflow in such a way that would ensure delivering the most high-quality product within the given deadline.

To assist our client with approval process challenging tasks, we set up a dedicated web development team of specialists with all the required skills. Our team quickly prepared a detailed proposal and successfully implemented the project within the estimated time and budget.

The approval process in the system was tricky as the approval process happens in another system technically which we were not building, so we implemented some web hooks and third party APIs to deal with data like who is the approver, weather he/she has approved it or not and other business rules for approval process which were not in our control because of the third party involvement. So it was a bit challenging to make the three systems work in sync.


Our Technical Solutions to Client’s Needs

We build a fully fledged claim system using Angular 10, Dot.Net Core, HTML, and SQL Server technologies making it easy and convenient for companies to manage everything HR-related in a complete, integrated, cloud-based platform.

We created a robust technical system with the help of web-hooks to receive the data from a third party system about the approval process and process the same data into our database and return our output back to the third party.

We’ve helped streamline the entire process with the goal of simplifying and automating HR tasks, so companies can devote more time to people and productivity – not paperwork.

The application is now able to handle different types of accounting, performance management and even recruitment. Finally, we’ve greatly built this HR application from scratch without compromising that speed of the web version.

Our engineers have gone in-depth to ensure that the HR software is not only performing fast, but also highly stable and reliable.

Following the requirements presented by the client, our web development team created the desired solution and successfully integrated it into the existing platform.

Our development professionals successfully build the application as per client’s requirements. This solution was built in accordance with the client’s vision and completely satisfied all technical requirements.

We’ve successfully built the HR Software solution, with a modern yet professional look and expanding on the app’s functionality with a wide range of high-quality features.

All in all, the end product has become a truly powerful and helpful application, equipped with everything necessary to carry out HR software management in a way that is both practical and enjoyable for the user.


Corporate Office , Employee Benefits


Job Openings

This is one of the core modules of the application where the job openings are created, this module allows the HR to input details of the job opening, manage comments and attachments regarding job opening and it also allows HR to track how many candidates have applied for the job opening.


Hiring Stages

This is a module in the software which makes the interviewing process an easy job. HR can see the candidate’s progress, status of candidate in each stage and they can also schedule interviews and send invite for interview to candidate using hiring stages module.


Candidate List

As explained by the name itself, its a list of all the candidates that have applied for all the job openings created by the HR and the job openings that have been assigned to HR. This module is entirely role based when it comes to displaying candidates. The list page has all the features to make the user experience smooth for the operator.


Candidate Profile

Candidate profile is another core functionality of the software. In the module HR can view and even edit the details of the candidate, this page is fed by a public URL form which candidate fills in. HR can manage candidate’s emails, comments on candidate profile and interviewers can submit their feedback on candidate’s performance in each hiring stage at interview level. Interviews can be scheduled and managed through this module.


Technologies and Tools

Angular 10 , Dot.Net Core , HTML , SQL Server

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