Why do you need an ERP integration to grow your e-commerce business?


ERP ecommerce functionality has been consistently growing in importance as online businesses succeed, and brick and mortar retailers become less important. Implementing your company’s ecommerce platform with an Ecommerce ERP Integration enables your business to improve productivity, retain clients and boost revenue. Integration capabilities are accessible as prebuilt portions of ERP Software System or add-ons or through modules. ERP vendors provide a wide range of different features. However, some functions are more essential for ecommerce businesses to have in their ERP solutions than others. Few are especially beneficial when it comes to ERP ecommerce tools. If you want to grow your business successfully online and keep up with heavy demand for digital ordering functionality, you must recognize the Importance of E-commerce ERP Integration, account and inventory software.

To meet the requirements of effectively managing the eCommerce business, the perfect tool available to the company is their ERP system integration. Since the item information including the costs and stock levels are continually getting updated in the ERP system, and the orders are usually completed by the ERP system. The ERP system integration becomes the great tool to flawlessly manage the eCommerce store with less human interaction. Whether you need to implement an Ecommerce ERP Integration platform, an e-Commerce CRM integration solution, or any other kind of ERP Software System, you’ll be prepared to confront a few difficulties. But to reap its maximum advantages, it’s important that the integration is done in the right way.

Following are the benefits of Ecommerce ERP Integration; it will help you to select the solution that works best for you.

Benefits of Ecommerce ERP Integration

There’s a range of benefits that ecommerce businesses can recognize with the successful ERP system integration. Because ecommerce businesses lead operations quickly and efficiently, a dedicated solution well versed with automation capabilities and tie-ins to financial details can have outsize advantages. Ecommerce ERP Integration is especially attractive for B2B businesses.  Ecommerce ERP Integration deals with accounting, customer, and inventory and order data. There are some of the unique positives that ecommerce enterprises should look out for upon integrating their online platform with an ERP program. The Importance of E-commerce ERP Integration for companies is often overlooked due to cost or the business disturbance caused by having to change existing systems.

Sales Consolidation

One of the important benefits of ERP system integration for companies that lead ecommerce operations is the centralization of sales information from different locations. Omnichannel functionality is an important factor to consider when looking for a solution, particularly if your company conducts sales in multiple locations.

Increased Productivity

ERP software is well known for its ability to improve operational productivity by connecting several workflows and streamlining the exchange of information. Some ERP programs can also automate operations such as bank reconciliation and the sending notifications regarding shipping. By boosting efficiency, businesses can conduct more operations in the same duration and increase output. You can also improve workflows through automation expertise, which can lead to wastage of less time correcting manual errors or spot-checking documents.

Revenue Generation

Every business is constantly looking for new strategies to generate revenue. The ways in which ERP solutions can help ecommerce businesses in winning more revenue vary from actual cash in hand to implicit revenue benefits related to increased productivity, automation, etc. Therefore, a successful ERP ecommerce integration can lead to revenue benefits that far offset the initial expense of implementation.

Improved Customer Relationships

Many ERP software systems incorporate CRM functionality either out of the box or as an add-on module. With these expertises, ecommerce companies can leverage a centralized storage of customer information, which empowers your reps to more efficiently tailor sales leads based on past sales, demographics, etc.

Process Visibility and Management

Process and project visualization are extremely important when looking at different ERP ecommerce options. Customizable dashboards that include information related to project status, finances and labor allocation are often available in this ERP system integration. By making operations easier to see and putting them into an easy-to-understand statics format, users can quickly determine bottlenecks and make organization decisions to facilitate operations.

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What is Salesforce ERP?

Salesforce requires no introduction. It has made an advantage for itself as one of the most effectively used enterprise CRM tools, which ensures a successful and improving customer relationship management throughout the sales cycle.

The following 3 methods are most used to set up the Salesforce ERP Integration for business:

Using Salesforce Integration Tools:
Salesforce provides various in-built integration tools known as Connectors which can be utilized to directly connect your Salesforce account to other platforms like ERP systems. If your organization uses lesser-known ERP software, then you will require using the Salesforce APIs to manually set up your Salesforce ERP Integration.

Manually Custom Coding your Integration:
The option of manually setting up your Salesforce ERP Integration is attractive because of the perfect control and customization it allows you over different tools.

Data Integration Platforms:
Because of the high demand and popularity of Salesforce and ERP software, many organizations have built tools that use in-built templates that can be incorporated to set up different connections including the Salesforce ERP Integrations. If you want to avoid the tiresome activities of building a manual Salesforce ERP Integration and have a budget, then a 3rd party tool is your best option.

Why your business needs E-Commerce ERP software integration

An E-commerce business is dynamic. It requires regular monitoring of how it is performing and developing. Unique systems and software solutions hinder real-time monitoring, SCM, inventory control and client experience. It eventually affects the growth and ROI. Having an extensive ERP Software System integration solution connects different dots and automates operations with ease.  Importance of E-commerce ERP Integration is that you can coordinate two very significant financial processes for a company such as accounting and invoicing.

The Importance of E-commerce ERP Integration is acknowledged by every business to find ways to serve clients more quickly and efficiently. E-commerce ERP Software System allows control and managing all inventory management, order management, check out + shopping cart processes, shipment logistics, and customer services processes from a single source. Thus, you can focus on business operations instead of spending more time to accumulate and update data. The Importance of E-commerce ERP Integration surpasses the investment costs and any development issues. Once integrated, an ERP Software System would fetch the data automatically from various divisions in less time and without any error.

Final Words

Ecommerce ERP Software System allows real-time tracking of goods and notifies consumers with timely messages. Thus, it can help your business to interact with customers directly and improves the trust factor. Ecommerce ERP Software System allows omnichannel experience for consumers regardless of their devices. 

So, if you’re planning to sell online or are looking for efficient eCommerce integration, Sensation Solutions is here. Feel free to reach out to us. We will assist you in deciding on an eCommerce solution and integration that works best for your business.


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