Build an app like Uber: Steps, Features, and Costs

Build an app like Uber: Steps, Features, and Costs

People who live in large cosmopolitan urban cities with heavy traffic and parking space issues, refuse to own cars and prefer rideshare services like Uber. High demand for car booking rides makes businesses think about how to make an app like uber and successfully launch it on local markets or even all around the world.

Are you planning about creating something unique that brings you and your company to the global spotlight? Perhaps you can create the next billion-dollar can booking app like Uber!

How to make an app like Uber? 

Uber is one of the prominent organizations to create an app for cab booking and rides. This unique idea from the association drove many others to build similar services. The main secret behind Uber’s success is its easy, simple, and practical app.

If you want to create an app like Uber, this blog can help you in the right direction. Below are some of the key points you should keep in mind while creating an app like Uber.

·   Keep it straightforward and start with an MVP.

·   Try not to begin developing straight away.

·   Begin with a functional prototype first.

·   Follow strategies while creating an app like Uber.

·   Implement unique aspects and technology stacks while app building

·   Admin panel, driver app, and passenger app functionality for apps like Uber.

·   Develop an app like Uber and adhere to the allotted budget.

Remember that your aim should not be to build an app that matches Uber’s application in all perspectives. Instead, you must present unique features and advance ideas missing in Uber’s product.

How to build Uber like apps-step by step guide

Step 1: Technical Audit & Research

First of all, you have to list down all of the requirements for your app like Uber development. In case you have an existing cab booking service you’ll only need to create an app in line with your current functionalities. But if you want to start from scratch then everything will need to be planned according to your requirements. In both cases business owners should take the opportunity to research and identify the features that they could offer over existing cab booking apps.

Step 2: App Documentation

Prior moving on to app documentation, you’ll have chosen the type of apps – native or hybrid and the platform on which you want to build – iOS and Android. These are questions of utmost importance as they determine the perfect course of app development. Once these questions are answered and requirements have been decided, the next step is listing down the technical details of the app, the structure model and the tech stack that would be used.

Step 3: Building a cab-booking mobile app

Development can be pursued either from scratch or using an existing solution. In both cases, the project includes a series of activities which are further divided into smaller tasks. These operations are then completed based on their priority.

Step 4: Testing!

Once the app has been created, the next step is to test it to check if all of its features work properly. A team of experienced testers is required to do this. Testing is performed throughout the process to identify & resolve any bug or errors.

Step 5: Deploying the App

Once an app is created, it is deployed to live environments for a functionality check and performance testing on different devices. Any issues are quickly resolved to get the app ready for a launch in the market.

What Features to Look For While Building an Uber-like App?

When you decide to create an app like uber, the first question that probably strikes your mind is how much does it cost to build an app like uber? How long does it take to build? Do you require hiring Android app developers? All these things depend upon the complexity level you are going to add – functionality and what features are implemented in your app.

But here, we’ll help you dig deep and provide you real insights of features that should be in your app.

1. Geolocation, Routing and Direction

Geolocation and routing servers are the real legends behind the success of the Uber app! This is the primary and the important feature that we would consider in any cab booking app. Many businesses from the transport industry are in the conundrum that cab booking apps are absolutely based on GPS systems. Yes, it is! But, it disguises the complicated architecture and process to know the accurate distance and route. Instead, solely depending on the GPS systems, they would require a routing server as well for consistent routing and ride-matching procedure.

2. Cashless Payment

If you want to build an app like Uber, the next essential feature that you must look for is the security and transparent payment feature. To offer accurate cost estimation right in the app, Uber uses a calculator that can calculate fares depending on various factors while giving the travel cost to the customers. The fare rates are evaluated based on the type of vehicle you book, cost per minute, base fare, safe ride fees, and cost per mile etc.

3. Registration and Profile

When it comes to on-demand cab app development, user registration and profiles are the two most essential features that help you track the client base. To make this process fast and straightforward, you can enable customers to complete their registrations via a social media platform or directly through email. Also, you can request to add their contact number.

For driver profiles, you can ask to complete registration with minimum formalities such as photo, name, and car license number. To make your app feature-rich, you can check the review and rating system additionally to make your app user friendly.

4. Prior Scheduling or Ride

To book a ride in advance, like for outstation travel or full day, weekend trips, users prefer to book their cabs beforehand. To add this feature to your app, you need to consult for a cab booking app Development Company.

5. Cancellation of Ride Without Penalties

To offer great comfort to the rides, this is the feature that you need to stream in. Uber offers their riders to cancel the ride without causing any fine or cancellation fees. The feature is particularly designed to avoid the loss of time, and money when a customer cancels the ride or delays the booked ride.

Why should you prefer a Corporate Cab Booking Software?

Corporate individuals usually face two issues with regards to booking a cab service, which is, time delay and security. From the security point of view, it is essential that each cab software company is enrolled and managed by the local governments.

To empower security and guarantee that the corporate workers’ time is saved is an extensive test for taxi booking companies.

cab booking apps

Essential features of a corporate cab booking software

There is a difference between the requirements of a corporate company and individual. If you are offering service as an individual, then there will be only one client who you need to take care of but If you are offering service to a corporate company, then you should take care of a wide range of people. In such a case, a corporate cab booking software can be useful to you.

Listed below are the essential features of a corporate cab booking software:

Corporate panel

One of the most significant features of a corporate cab booking software is a corporate panel. With this panel, the admin will manage all the activities related to cab booking and will take proper actions according to that.

Corporate Invoicing

With a corporate cab booking software which is automated, you can allow your employees or users to pay their orders on a month to month or fortnightly basis. Likewise, you can send them notifications for the forthcoming exchanges.

Custom Pricing

You can also customize your pricing by utilizing a corporate cab booking software. Under this custom pricing, you can provide a flexible estimating design to your corporate customer.

What is the Overall cost to build an app like Uber?

App development solutions never come at the static costs to build an app like Uber, as different apps have different functionalities and requirements and their costing differs accordingly. Still, if taking into account all the necessary features including the above one, that make your cab booking app stand apart in the industry, it has been concluded that the final costs to build an app like Uber is in between $50000 to $100,000 for Android or iOS platforms.

Final Thoughts

The evaluation of the app can vary according to different organizations, skills and experience of the developer. Also, business owners can select the features that best fit their needs and budget to launch the app. Further the app is integrated with the add-on features to match the level of Uber.

Summing up, the single-platform app with MVP features similar to the app like Uber will cost roughly $50,000 at a $50 per hour rate. Keeping in mind that’s the cost for a user-facing app, and normally you’d require one more for drivers along with the admin panel to manage that all.

As said, the costs to build an app like uber are highly dependent on different factors and your personal requirements. Various functions and their complexity are negotiable. If you need any help in building an app like Uber, please get in touch with Sensation Solutions! We will answer all your questions and give you a custom project estimation.


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