Predicting The Future Of Android Developer In India

Android Developer In India

Android is ready to beat maximum of IOS and other operating system in the mobile market. With its 86.6% of total market share in 2019, Android has become a leading OS next to Apple. In 2003, this software invention by Palo Alto was never imagined to gain such endless popularity. Talking about Smartphone usage- In India, more than 60% of total population using Android based phones due to its easy accessibility as well as smart features. Even in US, Android has gained 40% of total mobile market.

Increase in Android based app Development is indirectly rising a need of Android developers these days. In India, more than 60% of technology based companies are working on mobile app development and are getting good amount of profits out of it. India is becoming a hub of mobile developers even for US due to its maximum results and Minimum investments. Various Telecom groups like Airtel, Idea and online selling platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm are putting up their revenues in building new third party Android applications to reduce efforts and boost usability.

If one plans to enter in mobile app development, there are various certification courses online to make Android development your valuable livelihood. There are various free and paid courses that one can get in to attend the classes with clear explanation and step by step guide. Udemy and LinkedIn Learning are free common platforms. Moreover, Google bears a certification program where you can give test to show your proficiency and skills. Once you pass this certification exam, you’ll be featured on the official certification directory. Isn’t it amazing?

Let’s discuss why Future of Android developer is bright and prosperous in today’s mobile market

Increasing demand of Android

Android upbringing is said to bring about a significant change in Smartphone market as well other associated devices like Tablets, Digital wristwatch, cars etc. Newly launched Android 10 based mobile phones are fully loaded with latest features of smart reply, sound Amplifier, Gesture navigation etc. It has been incorporated with a new refreshing look that is completely different from iOS. It becomes the most competitive operating systems that are not limited to phones but also help to smart your other gadget.

Mobile App development in Android

According to Canalys published Q4 2010 global country level smartphone marketplace revealed that Android grow to be the foremost platform with shipment increased to 30%. Mobile App development is enlarging with the rising of Android scope. India is ranking second in a queue of developing Smart phone worldwide. With increase number of users in India, 40% of IT based companies are developing applications that helps in their promotions and boost services. Moreover, it’s surpassing features and cost effective manner intends to state chances of setting bright future in Android.

Java Developers in Android Development

Java Developers having sound knowledge in Java find in creating Android application very easy. With Java background, developer can build Java code that can easily incorporated into Android OS application. With Android’s outstanding framework, developers can alter the application depending on the client’s requirement.
If you are experienced and sound in Android development, you can grasp good jobs earning attractive salaries. With the open source framework, developing Android application is not hard to hit good results. You can even upload your apps on Google Play to boost your career.

Knowledge never dies proven by ample of freelancing websites online that offers part-time or full time Job prospects for Android developers based on your expertise. So what you are thinking? Have you register any one of these?


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