How to develop property management software: Apps for Rental Property Management

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Property management software is designed for property managers, owners, and operators to streamline and simplify key business operations in managing properties.

Those business operations may involve communication between landlords and tenants, finances or data storage. Property management software is usually cloud based, but can also run on a local server.

Property management software is used in industries and fields like:

·  hospitality

·  commercial real estate

·  local governments

·  manufacturing and logistics

Property management software are created for property types like houses, apartment buildings, single-family, and multiple-unit properties both for the short- or long-term renting. Property management software accelerates business processes by reducing third-party tools so you can get better standardization of management and boost its efficiency.

What is online property management software?

Property management software online is software that’s offered as a digital service you access via the internet instead of installing directly onto your desktop. Much like traditional property management software, property management software online enables landlords and real estate specialists track leases, residents, and maintenance activities as well as collect rent and manage finances to minimize costs and streamline operations.

If you are an investor who likes graphs, numbers and reports, property management software online is exactly what you require. Property management software online allows installing software to a local computer takes time and energy. It requires knowledge of system elements, maintenance, data backup, updates and repair if anything goes wrong.

Best Rental Property Management Software of 2022

Rental property management software is a pack of tools to help landlords drive leads to fill vacancies, screen tenants, and control leases. Here is some best Rental property management software.

·  Buildium

·  TurboTenant

·  AppFolio

·  Propertyware

·  SimplifyEm

·  MRI Software

·  Yardi Breeze

How to Develop A Property Management System

There are two approaches in which you can build a property management system: create a custom solution or use a ready-built one.

Custom development

Custom software for property management will enable you to upload, download and organize documents like flow statements or rent rolls. Remember that the scalability of an online real estate management system is only accessible with custom software for property management.

Custom software for property management will offer you lots of flexibility and liberty when it comes to features incorporated within it. With custom software for property management, you can cover all possible platforms for distributing your rental or hotel services. Consider benefits like:

·  everything will be tailored to the requirements of your business

·  scalability

·  Best quality solution

·  easy integration with APIs and several tools like PayPal or Stripe

·  custom UX designed for your target customers

However, this kind of solution can be more costly and take more time to create, but facilitate you independence.


Software as a Service is a service subscription that offers you a ready-made solution. Here you will pay a monthly fee to use the system. Such pre-build systems are suitable for property management organizations just starting out on the real estate market.

SaaS solutions are generally not more expensive than a custom solution however have limited features, there are few abilities to customize it and you always have to rely on external tech support. What is more, not all of them support various languages and currencies.

Rental property management software

Commercial property management systems

Commercial property management software has transformed property management. With the best commercial property management software, you have access to an all-in-one platform. This technology enables you to automate and optimize every one of these areas.

Perfect for managers of office buildings and retail sites. They use the PMS to:

·  Minimize waiting time on property maintenance

·  Customize online reporting

·  Collect lease data

·  Gather online rent payments

·  schedule increase in rent

All in all, the best commercial property management software can offer various exceptional benefits.  And that’s the purpose; there are lots of best commercial property management software tools available so you can reap the benefits.

First off, if this is your first time searching into property management software for commercial real estate; look a bit about what you can expect from the best commercial property management software.

Best property management software of 2022

The best property management software makes it easy and simple to manage real estate portfolios, including everything from tenant screening to building maintenance. To test for the best property management software range of well known options as well as take advice from people who are already using property management software. The best property management software platforms are available, for all managing real estate of any type and portfolio.

When selecting the best property management software to use, first analyze how demanding your requirements are. Do you only require administering a few properties or do you have an extensive portfolio you want to manage? Also, determine how good your IT skills are to see if you may require additional training to use all of the features you need, or whether you could instead delegate this to a specialist.


The real estate sector is going through a digital transformation. Therefore, a rapid turn-around with cost-efficient software has a necessity for businesses in this domain. As a custom real estate software development company, Sensation Solutions builds advanced property management solutions with latest features, tools, and functions. Through that, we help real estate businesses to offer top-class services to address various types of user needs.


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