A Complete Guide to Real Estate Management Software Development

Real Estate management software

The real estate industry was one of the big-hit sectors in the coronavirus outbreak. The complete level of impact was influenced by geographical areas, the class of property, and government measures introduced to balance the damage. 

The COVID-19 pandemic forced almost all industry sectors to grow their digitalization strategy, and real estate was one of them. Real estate companies of all sizes were struggling with improving their workflows, minimizing expenses, and reducing their lead conversion cycles to drive profitability. Technology adoption offered one solution, which is why the market for property management systems (PMSs) and custom real estate CRM is growing. 

Features of custom property management software development

Ready-made tools aren’t always the great answer to your requirements. For beginners, advanced platforms don’t come cheap, while simpler tools may have limited features or be unable to implement with the tools you’re currently using. Custom real estate CRM is built for real estate businesses to upload contracts, organize transaction deadlines, and give both transaction parts access to check the documents and ask questions. Custom real estate CRM helps you to customize your area to better prioritize conversions and have more leads into customers.

Developing a custom real estate software system for real estate has lots of benefits.

· It’s affordable. Yes, you’ll pay for development, but once the custom real estate software is ready, you can use it to execute as many facilities as you need.

· It fits like a glove. When you build custom real estate software, it fits the requirements of your companies perfectly and works flawlessly with all the other tools in your workflow.

· It evolves with your needs. When purchasing an off-the-shelf product, you’re stuck with the features it offers—even if you do not need most of them. With custom real estate software, you manage how it evolves, so it always does what you want.

· It incorporates currencies and localizations that fit you. Turnkey solutions might not help the currencies or localizations you require, while custom real estate software is built with these things in mind.

· It’s future-proof. Many off-the-shelf PMSs are available in the market. Unfortunately, this usually means they are developed using outdated technology, which makes it difficult to implement them with newer tools. Custom real estate software, in contrast, will be built using the latest technology and offer seamless integration.

Best Real Estate CRM Software In 2022

Explore the best real estate CRM 2022 with comparison to record, organize, track and access customer’s details:

Real estate professionals can use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to better control their clientele. A CRM app assists in organizing and accessing customer information. These apps can allow real estate specialists to keep track of worthy and active customers. Custom real estate software usage enables tracking the best contact actions and improves email and marketing conversions.

Many CRM applications are available online. But not all of them are suitable for real estate business. Best real estate CRM 2022 can help manage all communications with both clients and leads.

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Here is the list of the best CRMs for real estate:

1.  Pipedrive

2.  monday.com

3.  HubSpot

4.  Zendesk Sell

5. TopProducer

6.  Zillow Premier Agent CRM

7.  IXACT Contact

8.  Contactually

9.   Follow Up Boss

10.  LionDesk

11.  AgileCRM

12.  Podio

The best real estate CRM 2022 will be applicable to the industry with features like email and text messaging, lead follow-up tools and click-to-call abilities. The best real estate CRM 2022 should be built particularly for the real estate industry and help you automate your prospect and customer communications. It must have easy-to-use communication as well as interact and lead pipeline management tools. Ensure that the CRM you select is made for the real estate industry and matches your particular use case.

The costs of best real estate CRM 2022 can vary anywhere from $30 per month to more than $1,500 annually and also depend on how many customers you put on the platform. Most CRM have a free trial that allows you to test drive whatever solution you think might be the best suit for you.

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Top CRMs for Commercial Real Estate in 2022

Commercial real estate brokers usually turn to customer relationship management software (CRMs) to help their commercial real estate marketing and sales effort.

But there is a lot of commercial real estate CRM available, with lots of features. There are also many designed to meet the particular needs of the commercial real estate industry. Both Custom real estate CRM and commercial software offer customers different third-party integration.

Salesforce is widely used as the number-one commercial real estate CRM option available today, and that customer-relationship specialists help make it the most reliable commercial real estate CRM on the market. Salesforce commercial real estate CRM is a flexible, intuitive, adaptable and completely cloud-based tool.

Another highly customized all-in-one commercial real estate CRM, ClientLook (now part of Lightbox) controls all three major elements of a brokerage in one space – contacts, properties, and deals with heavy implementation of the three.

AscendixRE is a commercial real estate CRM option built on the framework of both Salesforce and Dynamics 365. AscendixRE involves the Salesforce/Dynamics 365 license.

Final Words

If you have a real estate company, then investing in real estate software development would be the great thing that can happen to your business. You can spare more time and energy to serve more customers easier than ever. This will help you to boost your revenue with less effort. Sensation Solutions build best property management solutions for real estate agents, property owners, brokers, leasing companies, and tenants.


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