What is Product Data Management? List of Top PDM Software


Product data management, or PDM, is a term referred to the process and tools used by organizations to manage their product data. Finding the best product data management software for your organization is now faster and easier! Compare prices, reviews, features, and get free consultation to search the ideal software. Best Product Data Management Software keeps track of activities like CAD models and assembly instructions. Manufacturing coma pies mostly utilize PDM to organize product data from design through production. Designers who are creating the first specs for a new product and production managers who are following manufacturing instructions would take advantage of this sort of software.

What is Product Data Management (PDM)?

Collection, organization, and maintenance of product data are called Product Data Management (PDM). This data can incorporate anything from the creating drawings and BOMs to marketing materials and customer support information. Best Product Data Management Software is beneficial for designers creating the initial directive of a new product and production managers following manufacturing specifications.

The objective of PDM is to ensure that all this data is accessible to everyone who needs it, whether they’re in developing, manufacturing, or marketing. Organizations can avoid duplication of work, ensure flexibility across various product versions, and make it easier to bring new products to market quickly and effectively.

Product Data Management Software

PDM software is a type of software that helps organizations manage their product data. It is used to store, organize, and track this data to find and use when required. It can also help streamlining some of these operations to be completed quickly and easily. There are many best product data management software available in the market. Get best by carefully analyzing each product and seller, paying close attention to variables such as features, customer support, reviews, integration, interference, traffic, social media engagement, and usability, among others. This best product data management software assessment exercise builds to help our customers in making informed decisions and, ultimately, choosing the best product that helps them achieve their business objectives.


It is a unique Product Information Management Platform that enables business owners to collect, manage, and empower their specific product-related data.

The objective behind the deployment of this phenomenal PIMS is to implement consistency across the business.

Apart from all these functionalities, Plytix software helps business owners to build harmony between the product and sales platforms and perform a competitive comparison between various shopping channels and platforms.

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SolidWorks Enterprise PDM

Product data management Solidworks is a cloud-based software system especially designed to help the business in the following ways.

·   Managing product data properly

·   Sharing design specification amongst the core development team

·   Streamlining the product development lifecycle

·   Meeting deadlines

·   Expediting the process of document creation

·   Maintaining a track record of progress.

SolidWorks Enterprise PDM specifically comes with the following features and functionalities.

·   Bill of Materials Management

·   Product Development Lifecycle Management

·   Version Control

·   Formula Management

·   Document Management

·   Product Analytics

·   Testing Management

product data management software


Delogue is designed for the lifestyle industry, and it can address adequately all the needs of this specific industry.

Delogue compiles all the product data, appropriately controls the project, and consistently interacts with your development team during the lifecycle workflow.

To improve accuracy, efficiency, and knowledge accessibility, Delogue stored all the crucial information in one central place. As a result, Delogue acts as a worthy tool to improve the productivity of your production team. 

Delogue can be easily implemented into your current ERP system, apart from these peculiar functionalities.

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Big Data

This software specially comes with an in-built extensive data management system.

It is delicately designed using the most experienced development methodology and enables you to get quickly access to lots of data within seconds.

As a result, Big Data is best -suited for large-scale organizations and big projects.


TDSmaker works pretty well with SMEs and large-scale manufacturing organizations and is best-suited for a spreadsheet business.

TDSmaker is globally well-known software for building and editing professional spreadsheets.

This software is a method more effective and reliable to use than any other application software, such as Quark, Microsoft Office, and Adobe Framemaker, to create and manage spreadsheets.

The user interference of TDSmaker is pretty much self-explanatory. It doesn’t need any prerequisite knowledge from the clients; thereby, it saves the huge amount of money that the company has to spend on training sessions.  

Uses of PDM software

·  It allows accessing the design files from CAD software. Generally, it is not easy to search these design files.

·  It helps to minimize development costs and errors.

·  It helps you to get more visibility across teams and enhance cooperation between team members.

·  It assists the organization to get complete control over the product data.

·  It helps to get effective output from the design and developing team.

·  It allows the design team to accelerate the designing process and helps to launch the product quickly in the market.

Final Words

Sensation Solutions offers end-to-end services to build and integrate custom product data management as per the specific business needs of the businesses. We help organizations streamline the product data management operations by offering data editing, batch editing, publishing, versioning, and more features. 


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