Top 10 Reasons to Implement Cosmetics & Personal Care Artwork Management Software


Cosmetics and personal care brands, retailers, and manufacturers are under huge pressure to revamp new products and grow product portfolios. When it comes to saving your company a lot of money and time while making your complete marketing supply chain more effective, there’s nothing more helpful than the best artwork management software for 2022. 

As consumer demands change and ‘fast beauty’ continues to form the industry, firm compliance regulations still require to be upheld. To build and maintain faster speed to market than competitors, companies are wise to look to cosmetics and personal care artwork management software solutions to automate this critical product development function.

Cosmetics and personal care artwork are prominent in the consumer decision-making process. They drive sales; communicate product features and your brand promise to your audience. Packaging, labeling, and artwork management is a complex process that incorporates multiple stakeholders, and if not seamlessly executed it can hammer your brand reputation and bottom line.

Many cosmetics and personal care organizations are still relying on emails, spreadsheets, and PDFs for approval activities, using multiple legacy systems that do not interact with each other and have a choppy and disorganized workflow. The results are predictable:

·   Work duplication

·   Complex approval processes

·   potential for compliance problems

·   a high margin for mistakes

·   lost time and revenue

How can Companies Respond to the Pressure to Manage Labeling and Artwork Management Processes more Efficiently?

Best Artwork Management Software for 2022 will change the way your teams manage artwork & help you creatively design artwork for your brand packaging. Cosmetics and personal care companies need a strong, user-friendly, cloud-based end-to-end cosmetics and personal care artwork management software solution to meet existing market challenges, minimize errors, save time and earn a leadership position in the cosmetics and personal care space. Best Artwork Management Software for 2022 manages the artwork development process from concept to production artwork.

Integrating a new system is a major undertaking. With so many artwork management software providers out there promising transformational business outcomes, selecting which one to choose is the next issue to overcome. Cost and downtime are always a concern, but what are the most important reasons for and requirements of cosmetics and personal care artwork management software that will drive quick ROI?

Read on to discover the top 10 reasons to execute cosmetics and personal care artwork management software and the non-negotiable capabilities it must have!

 1. Drive Connectivity and Collaboration

 2. Compliance, Traceability and Regulatory Management

 3. Simplify Global Translation Management

 4. Cloud-Based and User-Friendly in Real Time

 5. One Single Version of the Truth

6.  Enhanced Proofing  

7.  Improve project management

8.  Audit Tracking

9.  Asset Distribution 

10. Comprehensive Approval 

Your cosmetics and personal care artwork management software system requires you to offer a single version of the truth for all data related to cosmetics and personal care artwork management and product development. This means any edits, approvals, workflow processes and communication are implemented within the system, saved in real time and are visible to all business owners from anywhere in the world.

Best artwork management software for 2022 makes project tracking simple. Furthermore, the system needs to flawlessly integrate with design and packaging software programs.

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How to Make An Impact Through Effective Pharmaceutical Artwork Management

Artwork management system pharmaceuticals include project management, label regulatory control, and resource management. Pharmaceutical packaging requires adhering to strict guidelines. Because even a minor error could lead to recalls.

As per research, nearly 40% of pharmaceutical products recall just because of labeling errors. That’s huge! Such events could adversely impact a brand and lead to heavy losses.

Hence, validating cosmetics and personal care artwork before going to printing is essential.

But if you think of artwork management as a hefty process, think again. Every common challenge that you face has a solution that you must be aware of. The ideal tools for artwork management system pharmaceuticals can help you improve productivity and minimize the drug’s time-to-market.

Top 3 Obstacles in Pharmaceutical Artwork Management

Artwork management system pharmaceuticals are viewed as a complicated process owing to the changing nature of the market and regulatory requirements. The most common issues companies’ faces are:

1. Collaboration

2. Validation

3. Resource Access

Artwork management system pharmaceuticals software helps with:  Online Proofing, Easy Data Access, Version Control, Multi-lingual Support, and Global Online Approval

Efficient artwork management system pharmaceuticals can be an effective option for pharma manufacturers to automate their packaging processes and keep pace with the revolutionizing market dynamics.


The perfect cosmetics and personal care artwork management software system will empower cosmetics and personal care brands to reduce unreliable manual processes, avoid unlimited revisions, enable regulatory compliance, speed time to market and offer a single source of truth for all stakeholders. Digital transformation solutions, like PLM, provide the fastest route to automating and perfecting the complicated cosmetics and personal care artwork management process and help future-proof your cosmetics and personal care brand.


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