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PPC Services

From small start-ups to eCommerce businesses and entrepreneurs, almost everyone is on the internet, figuring out advertising approaches and increasing all possible conversion paths. PPC maximized marketing opportunities, however, come with many challenges. Many organizations are looking for rapid and effective ways to present their brands in front of high-converting customers. If you’re looking for a quick campaign boost and a fast return on investment (ROI), pay per click advertising is the best choice. Keep full control of your paid search marketing endeavors and gain positive business results with targeted PPC services. Maximize your search engine visibility and achieve best results with Sensation Solutions PPC management services.

  • Sensation Solutions is a trusted company in pay per click internet marketing.
  • Our PPC advertising company serves various industry and marketing professionals to increase the brand awareness and achieve the conversion goals.
  • Our expert team has mastered the ins and outs of PPC, how it works efficiently for various stakeholders and what it requires to ensure online success.
  • Our dedicated team will help you navigate the specifics of PPC and successfully implement it with your SEO and online marketing campaigns.
  • Leverage our PPC team expertise in keyword research, PPC ads building and pay per click campaign management.

Importance of Pay Per Click Marketing to Advertise your Business

Low Barrier to Entry

Low Barrier to Entry

Paid search marketing provides a step-by-step guide to enable advertisers and beginners to start their advertisement creation.

Improved Brand Visibility

Improved Brand Visibility

PPC management service is a reliable method to get your brand to appear where your target audience is spending time.

Fast Results

Fast Results

You can get instant results upon campaign launch. Once your pay-per-click ad is set up for your new campaign, you can see the results quickly.

One-time Campaign Promotions

One-time Campaign Promotions

Don’t have the budget to carry out ongoing digital marketing? PPC Services help you to launch one-time campaign promotions.

Immediate and Consistent Traffic

Immediate and Consistent Traffic

PPC is the fastest technique to run paid search campaigns, kick off marketing endeavors, and get clicks and consistent traffic.

Trackable Data

Trackable Data

PPC advertising services offer assessable and trackable data, removing the guesswork in campaign tracking and reporting.

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Our Industries
For more than 10 years of Excellence, we have been offering solutions for wide array of industries such as Healthcare, Logistics, Hospitality, Real Estate, E-commerce, and many more. With innovative thinking and progressive strategies, we always plan our services based on industry lines ranging from small-scale to multinationals.
Our highly skilled website development team with years of experience will help you to build secure web applications. For our clients in the health industry, we have developed a variety of health care websites.
Our developers have good experience in logistic website development with custom shipping software. Sensation is the one that can help you stay one step ahead in the field of innovation to meet your logistics needs.
Real Estate & Construction
Real Estate & Construction
We will help you to build websites that reach out to more users who are looking to buy or sell their property with great ease. We provide the best development and digital marketing services to the construction industry with best expertise.
Sensation develops custom products for the retail and E-commerce industries. Our skilled developers ensure that the process of building an E-commerce website must be user friendly and secure.
Cab Service
Cab Service
Imagine booking a cab with a said price, all in a minute? Yes, you've read it right. Our booking services similar to Uber, OLA shall offer you the scope to fulfill the tedious process in one go.
Are you looking for a web agency that can build a fully customized and responsive beauty online store? We have developed many Ecommerce Beauty stores on different platforms.
We specialize in helping recruitment agencies get online fast for both start ups as well as for established agencies to enjoy the benefits of a professional interface without the need for excessive capital investment.
Food & Beverage
Food & Beverage
We ensure that our unique web and digital marketing services will offer a competitive advantage to your food and beverage business. You need a rock-solid food and beverage website design approach to build your customer base and keep them coming back.
Industries We Serve

Our Engagement Models

Every project is unique, and its related cost is often evaluated based on its requirements and the technology involved. In order to bring the Client’s idea to life, we offer different engagement model packages that can fit inside every business’s needs. Pick the most affordable pricing models which suits you the best. If any of these, won’t suit you, Call our experts to consult anytime and get your custom package designed.
monthly based

Monthly Based

  • Hire offshore staff for up to 160 hours a month
  • Manage the team using your own methodologies or leave it to us.
  • Maximum availability for any emergency.
  • Get real-time updates on project development
  • Monthly billing cycles

Hourly Based

  • Pay by hours
  • Add or remove hours based on your requirements
  • Communicate via your own preferred channels
  • Real-time updates on chat and timesheet
  • Resource performance monitoring & reporting.
fixed cost

Fixed Cost Based

  • Get an estimate of the project cost before hiring developers
  • Expand your project as per need.
  • Hire developers on a long-term basis
  • Flexibility to change the scope with a discussion on nominal charges.

Our Pay Per Click Marketing Skills to maximize your ROI

Masters communication

Masters communication

Like any other great advertiser, our PPC specialist have excellent in communication. In all spheres, verbal and written communication, correct questioning, and listening ability.

Focuses on details

Focuses on details

Our PPC specialist revolves around details. Each setting needs perfect attention and accuracy. We keep our focus on Geolocation, targeting, time and day, audience, keywords…

Thinks analytically

Thinks analytically

Based on Data analysis, our PPC expert can monitor and upgrade the campaigns. We work numerically and logically with them, to drive the campaigns forward.

Creative Skills

Creative Skills

To design interesting advertisements, our PPC specialists are creative. A must possess the skill to understand the appealing visuals along with the text.

Managing Time and Tasks

Managing Time and Tasks

Our PPC analyst can organize tasks properly on time without missing any important task and timelines.

Quick Adaptation

Quick Adaptation

If we talk about numbers and algorithms, it is changing frequently in this field. Hence, our PPC Analysts are flexible in adapting the changing figures.

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Why Hire Pay Per Click Marketing Services from Sensation Solutions?

Sensation Solutions is a leading Pay Per Click company, aimed at your success. We bring our decade of expertise and industry experience to each pay per click campaign we undertake. From PPC analyzing and account setup to ads management and campaign tracking, trust us to provide our best dedication to maximizing your online performance. Here’s what you can expect when you hire sensation solutions pay per click marketing services:

  • Our PPC advertising company makes sure all aspects of your PPC campaign line up with your objectives and follow industry guidelines.
  • We offer you with custom campaign reports including your Google Analytics results, keyword rankings and overall campaign performance
  • Our PPC advertising company regards owning our clients’ voices and we put hard efforts to show it.
  • At Sensation Solutions, we make complicated, technical and overwhelming search engine marketing methods as simple as possible for you.
  • We manage your PPC campaign per ad location and group, localize your callout extensions and site links and craft personalized ad copies.
Search Engine Marketing
Our Extensive Pay Per Click Marketing Services

From Google Ads to Facebook ads, we help our clients reach their audience on the paid platforms that are most efficient. Our PPC management services are based on what gets our clients the best outcomes while offering the ultimate level of transparency.

Keyword Research & Analysis

Our PPC advertising company uses various tools to find and understand your client's search behavior, what and how your audience is searching for your services. Predicting which keywords they prefer to type into the search box. We analyze your target keywords and arrange them according to industry, search volume and competition.

PPC Management

Partner with our pay per click Company and drive promptly, relevant traffic to your landing pages without any stress and hassle. Our pay per click company manages keyword research and analysis, PPC campaign launch to monitoring and pay-per-click ads A/B testing everything for you. Choose our PPC Company and get cost-effective conversion-driven campaigns.

Paid Search Advertising

Entrust our paid search agency’s PPC services and rank your brand at the top of search results. Sensation Solutions specialists maximize your ad targeting strategies, analyze high-value keywords, create PPC bidding strategies and track your ROI. These allow our PPC marketing services to improve your CTR, Quality Score and impression share.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Capture your target audience at the right time and on the right channel and drive them to the bottom of the sales funnel. Our PPC services help you to write convincing PPC ads, test your landing page designs and build user-friendly lead capture forms to maximize your Quality Score and conversion rate.

Social Media Advertising

Most online users use social media sites for product research. Invest in PPC services to increase your brand visibility, minimize marketing costs and stay top of search. We analyze your target audience, determine their social media behavior and use images, videos and texts to improve your audience reach and brand engagement.

Amazon PPC

Increase your Amazon profit margin with Amazon product ads and video ads that attract online shoppers' attention. We help you reach targeted buyers, increase your sales and get the maximum ROI. Our PPC services improve keyword match types and negative keywords, create your Amazon PPC campaigns and maintain your ad spending.

Our Clients

Our Achievements

Our hard work on building incredible software solutions rewarded with the trust of over 100+ happy clients as well as the recognition on different platforms.

The Benefits of Hiring our PPC Experts

Ad Management

Ad Management

Our PPC experts will help you choose the perfect Ad management platform to win your business’s full potential and get better ROI to grow your business. Shine with our Google AdWords pro.

Ad Remarketing

Ad Remarketing

An Adwords specialist team displays ads to customers that are relevant to your brand and services. We help you retarget your audience and add a customized touch to their journey.

Native Advertising

Native Advertising

It is also best known as sponsored ads, and it is the top preferred solution among clients to maximize your marketing visibility and engage more audience with your offerings.

Video Ad Management

Video Ad Management

Video Ads Management helps you to connect with your targeted audience, spread more brand awareness, maximize your ROI and help you to achieve your business goals

PPC Audits

PPC Audits

Let our PPC expert take the lead! PPC Audit can allow you to improve productivity by analyzing your PPC ads, landing pages and competitor’s websites to gain worthy insights.

Conversion rate optimization

Conversion rate optimization

Our conversion rate optimization experts optimize websites to the position where a high percentage of visitors take relevant actions. We optimize keeping client journeys in mind.

How client loves the way we work for them

I would definitely recommend Shikha to anyone looking for an SEO specialist, SSM. She is honest, knowledgeable, and has a great work ethic. She masters the english language and has great communication skills.


Working with Shikha for more than 1 year. She is responsible and knowledgable person. I never had any delays with her, she takes the deadlines seriously and replies fast. Quantity doesn’t affect quality! Very grateful.


Shikha goes over and above to help with backlinks, citations and on-page SEO. She has great English and always does more than what I have asked. She has taught me new techniques and I am very grateful for her skills and work ethic.


Work was completed quickly and any thing that needed to be fixed was done so quickly. Communication was wonderful. Great work.

Nathan Scheer

What’s New


What is PPC and why should you consider it for your business?

Pay per click (PPC) is an advertising technique that businesses use to place their content at the top of the search engine results pages for particular keywords. Basically, these are high-volume keywords that a target audience is looking for. Each time a visitor clicks that PPC ad, the company pays Google for that particular click. PPC cost per click (CPC) depends on how difficult it is to rank for a specific keyword. The more competitive keyword is that to rank, the higher the CPC. Getting this right and not over-spending on paid search is somewhat of a science, and this is our specialty.

Can my competitors target my keywords with PPC?

Yes, this is a common trick. Tech competitors will not only bid for their own keywords related to their brand, but will pay to rank for the keywords of their competitors. That means that potential and existing clients searching for you on Google will first see an advertisement from your competitor. There are many strategies to overcome this challenge. Our Google Adwords services can help you!

What’s the difference between Pay per click and SEO?

Whereas companies can use PPC services to pay for search traffic to their website, SEO is a completely different game. SEO means writing, structuring and optimizing pages to maximize organic search traffic. For all expectations and purposes, this means engaging the Google algorithm. However, both SEO and PPC include the major parts of a wide search engine marketing (SEM) strategy which any company that desires to compete on the digital landscape should consider.

What kind of ROI can I expect from a PPC in your company?

We never make soaring or impractical problems. Any PPC management company that does is probably misleading you. Rather, we believe to optimize your PPC campaigns based on existing data, industry type, and proven best practices—all while sticking to your spending guidelines. From there, our team of PPC experts will monitor, measure and optimize your PPC strategy so that you get the maximum from your PPC buck.

Is the quality of PPC traffic worth the spending?

Again, our aim is to drive quality clicks and valuable leads to your website without spending much. One of the strategies we do so is to eliminate negative keywords from your campaigns—keywords that are likely to draw irrelevant clicks and traffic to your website that have little chance of converting but increase your PPC costs. PPC can provide faster results than SEO. PPC also offers a great opportunity to directly engage possibilities where they are—Google—with conversion-optimized advertisement that speaks to their complications.

Where will my PPC ads appear?

PPC ads can be of different types –display, search, social media advertising, Google shopping, remarketing, and mobile ads. They can appear in the SERPs, drive you on social media, websites you’re browsing, or place in apps that you use. We can help you select the best way to execute PPC and show your ads to the most relevant and target audience.


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