Google’s Business Profile Websites Shutting Down: Time to Migrate

Google's Business Profile Websites Shutting Down Time to Migrate | Contact

In a recent announcement, Google has revealed that websites created using Google Business Profiles Website will be discontinued, leaving businesses with the task of rebuilding their online presence using alternative platforms. This move comes as part of Google’s ongoing efforts to streamline its services and improve user experience. However, for businesses relying on these profiles, it means a significant overhaul is necessary to maintain their digital footprint.

The shutdown process is set to commence in March, with the actual turning off of websites made with Google Business Profiles. Customers attempting to access these websites will be automatically redirected to the respective Business Profiles until June 10. Beyond this date, visitors will encounter a disheartening “page not found” error, marking the end of an era for these basic websites powered by Business Profiles.

Why Businesses Should Care

For businesses determined to maintain an independent online presence, the clock is ticking. The onus is on them to create a new website using alternative tools and update their Business Profile with the new site address before the looming deadline. Failing to do so could result in a jarring transition for potential customers and clients.

Alternative Tools Recommended by Google

Google has offered a lifeline by suggesting several alternative platforms for businesses to consider when rebuilding their websites. Among these are popular names like Wix, Squarespace, GoDaddy, Google Sites, Shopify, and WordPress. Each of these platforms has its strengths, catering to various business needs and preferences.

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Ad Campaign Implications

Businesses running ad campaigns linked to websites created through Google Business Profiles Websites face a crucial decision. They must either change the link before March 1 to keep their ads running smoothly or opt to pause their campaigns during the transition. This emphasizes the urgency for businesses to act promptly and make informed decisions regarding their online marketing strategies.

Managing Third-Party Domains

For those who have set up custom domains to direct traffic to their Google Business Profile websites, additional steps are necessary. Visitors to these third-party domains will be redirected to the Business Profile until June 10. To navigate this transition effectively, businesses should log in to their hosting company accounts and utilize the “Redirect” option or a similar feature to reroute their domains to a different website before the specified date.

Insights from Google

A spokesperson from Google clarified the nature of websites made with Google Business Profiles websites, stating that these are basic websites powered by the information available on the corresponding Business Profile. Domains ending with “” and “” will be removed from the website field on Business Profiles in March, underscoring the need for businesses to promptly update their profiles to point to a new website.

As the deadline approaches, businesses should prioritize this migration to avoid disruptions in their online presence. While change is inevitable in the digital landscape, the key lies in adapting swiftly to ensure a seamless transition for both businesses and their online audience.

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