Mobile application is something not confined to retail and travel industries only now, almost every sector is moving towards the advanced mobile technology and healthcare industry hasn’t left forbidden from this growing trend.

Web design and development is the process that must be laid out in a proper and efficient way as both the elements are considered as the backbone of every online operation. While doing web designing and development, we should make sure that our website is able to grab the attention of its viewers to the maximum. It thereby requires a lot of smart as well as hard work to make it possible. Some simple steps to follow:

Progressive Web App (PWAs) is the latest web capabilities which deliver an app- like user experience. Just like today’s rich web applications, PWAs try to create similar user experience as a native app’s to much extent. They can be best described as the compilation of latest technologies, Web API and design concepts which can provide an app-like experience on the mobile web.

Homepage is one of the most important pages of the website as it is the landing page which showcases the real motive and branding of your business. Even a perfect looking website can have a higher bounce rate! Though, it does not sound good for your growing business. To have a perfect looking ‘Homepage’, few things should always be kept in mind for better user friendly experience. Now, let’s have a quick look below the following points which should be considered while developing a homepage:

In a precise way, the meaning of cloud computing is the virtualization and central management of data center resources as software-defined pools. It is originated from the source of drawing the internet as a fluffy cloud in network diagrams in the “Cloud”. It is a secured place to run business software like Customer Relationship Management applications where users can access at any time, from any place and from any device as business applications are becoming even more and more mobile.