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Android Development: Facts and Stats

Today, there are around 2,994,861 Android applications available in the market and as per a survey conducted, this number is growing rapidly. The reason behind this is that Android has been representing the vast portion of the mobile operating system available in the market for the last few years. In 2020, it has 74.14% of the worldwide market share and it is anticipated that this figure will keep on growing over the next 5 years. Companies have realized Android’s power that they can reach to communicate with larger users if they develop Android applications. Consequently, they are investing more in Android development services.

Android is the 5th most popular innovation platform among proficient developers. Developers express that the reason for this incorporates efficient implementation and easy adoption. Today, many leading businesses have their own Android development experts to build new and innovative applications. Some well-known Android apps include Facebook, WhatsApp, and Dropbox.

This stat reflects a very bright future for Android. As more and more users start using Android devices, businesses will dig into the market fast, resulting in further development of the market share beyond 2020. This also means an expansion in businesses required to hire programmer and Android developer candidates. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Android for App Development in 2023

Android app development is booming very rapidly in this fast-moving world as businesses acknowledged the unlimited benefits thereof. The Pros of Android development include: 

High Return on Investment (RoI).
With Android’s market share of 87%, it improves reachability. So, businesses can reach a vast number of audiences quickly. This fact collaborates with the low average Android developer salary; businesses can spend less capital on application development.

No hardware is needed.
When creating Android apps, hardware should not be a concern. Android development uses Java, giving a convenient cross-platform development process.

Efficient customization.
Android is highly adaptable and offers effective customization through the implementation of all types of different features and updates varying from simple to complex. 

Fast acceptance process.
Contrasted to other mobile platforms’ marketplaces, Android’s Google review system does not have a hard vetting process and allows almost all apps, as long as it doesn’t encroach on the content policies. 

Improved security.
Android has gone through different security updates and today, it is incredibly hard for malware to find the data structure. An automated system can also send intermittent notifications to the users to keep them up to date about security breaches. 

Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages also when it comes to Android development. These include: 

Low spending habits.
Contrasted to users of other mobile platforms, Android users spend significantly less on apps. According to a survey, the app consumer spending of Android users is around half of what Apple users spend. 

Copyright issues.
Google doesn’t generally conduct exact patent checks. This means that you may unwittingly release an app that incorporates content already used. 

Slow security updates.
Android clients are slow to update their devices. This means Android developers often have to lead complex encryption and include extra security features. 

As with any mobile platform, Android has some downfalls. However, the advantages far offset it. Android’s advantages make it the perfect operating system to build scalable app solutions that can be optimized to explicit project requirements. 

Present and Future Demand for Android App Developers for Hire

As mentioned, Android has influenced the mobile operating system for a few years now. As an open-source system, Android also allows developers to deliver new ideas, which enhance app development to be highly innovative. These two factors are highly appealing to businesses and this has led to an incredible increase in the demand for Android developers. 

Only on LinkedIn, there are around 36,355 openings for Android app developers for hire all over the world. This is a sign that the demand is much greater than the supply of Android programmers for recruitment.

Qualifications and Skills of the Ideal Android Developers for Hire

Just like any other programmers, Android developers have specific skills businesses should search for before they hire Android developers offshore. These abilities allow them to complete tasks and take on explicit roles effectively; ensuring businesses to complete projects on time and within budget. The skills of Android developers include: 

·   Excellent skills in the Android mobile operating system, preferably having worked with it in a fast-moving business environment. 

·  Expertise in Java, Kotlin, and C++ as programming languages

·  Knowledge of XML as a structured markup language

·  Information on the pre-packaged code Software Development Kit (SDK)

·  Expertise in the integrated development environment (IDE) Android Studio 

·  Extensive knowledge of database management

·  Problem-solving and innovative thinking skills

·  Able to work in a team and take the lead if required

·  Before you plan to hire an Android developer, it is advisable to view an Android developer resume depending on what you are looking for.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Android App Programmers?

It is very important to consider the expense involved to hire a dedicated Android app developer. Few countries offer exceptionally high salaries to developers, which makes it very hard to get an ROI. It is good to do some research and find a cost-effective developer. From a survey, it is said that the Android developer salaries in a few countries are low and this allows businesses to hire Android developers knowing they have not more on expense and may get a good ROI. 

Hire Remote Dedicated Android Developer Candidates

Sensation Solutions is a successful company specializing ineffective solutions. We follow a strict process to make sure to have the most successful and experienced team. Our experts consist of PhoneGap developers, Kotlin programmers, C++ experts, Android developers, and much more. They allow businesses to grow productivity on projects and aim to surpass expectations. Some advantages businesses get when they hire remote dedicated Android developers from sensation to include: 

Cost-effective rates.
We take pride in offering affordable prices with no hidden costs, allowing businesses to save on capital when they work with skilled and highly talented developers on a remote basis.

Experienced professionals.
The team at sensation makes a special effort to hire only the best talent for Android app development. Each candidate which is part of the development team Android is carefully investigated to ensure their experience and abilities are on par.

Open communication.
When you hire professional Android developers from sensation, you will find that all of them have a high level of English proficiency. This offers you and the developer to have open, clear communication effectively.

Convenient location.
We are situated in a convenient time zone, making sure that when you hire an Android app developer, no working hours get wasted.  

Convenient scalability.
When you collaborate with sensation, you can hire highly talented Android app developer experts as you develop, allowing you to keep your team risk-free.

If you are looking to hire an Android app developer for your Android development project, contact the sensation expert team. Hire candidates that suit your requirements!


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