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Med Spa, Day Spa and Wellness Services


Med Spa, Day Spa and Wellness Services

Anara Med Spa is the Medical Spa website that provides a Med spa, day spa and fit Spa services under one roof in a beautiful relaxing ambiance in USA. Non-surgical cosmetic and laser medicine are their prime services in USA.



There is this application for one of our Singaporean clients. The application name is Just login, and it’s a whole suite which consists of various modules which are used in any Office ERP system. The module we have created in this application was Recruitment . This module is indented for HR department , Candidates and interviewers. The HR department creates  the Jobs for the vacancies in the portal. A job has various stages in its whole life cycle. So the HR department has to create all the interview stages and assign followers and interviewers to those respective stages. Candidates on the other hand apply for a certain job and appear in different stages of interviews. Candidates are moved from one stage to another stage as they keep on clearing their stages.

Our Strategy



To build the Health care application for managing Patient’s wound care, diet and post operative recovery exercises, we bought a strategic requirement gathering process in place. We study the ideas and other important aspects in the client meeting. We used different strategies throughout the process so that he could achieve the best results







Challenges & How we tackle it with our Solutions

Handling Identity Management through Azure B2C Custom policy (When Azure was new in market) to handle this we spent time on understanding the core concept of Azure b2c and how it exactly works with the applications.We spent time in understanding the policy and its importance.

Using a platform like aquro for mobile app development platforms was challenging in itself due to lesser documentation  available on the internet. In order to tackle this, we tried to figure out more information from the available resources and then tried experimenting the same not just dependent on theory which smothend the understanding and eventually get it done.

Getting a poorly structured  project in React Native to be redeveloped  and then trying to understand the logics performed and and to make a better product out of it .We made it entirely robust and reusable by going through the components and it is usage.


The Key features of Anara


Forthcoming Surgeries

This app helped patients to carry their forthcoming surgeries in a smoother way.


Goals for patients

App presented Goals for patients before surgery and after surgery. Goals like walking for 15 min daily, drinking 2 liters of water, avoiding late sleep etc. These goals help the patient to get ready for their surgery.


Educational material

Educational material (articles and video) are suggested to patients about their surgery.


Educational material

Patients can also see their status graph and track how well they are doing in their goals.


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