Web design tools cover a range of price structure from fully free tools to premium tools depending on the monthly subscription of that tool. Technology keeps on advancing every month, and there’s new stuff to try out that can make life of a designer quite easy and hassle free. Furthermore, it helps to decrease the time traverse of every project and increase the production. You can accelerate the development in the task and project with the assistance of the web designing tools. These tools are more useful for the freelancer who is looking for more efficient way to build prototypes and to create mock-ups. These tools not only make you think more creative but also in an innovative way. Let’s find out some tools that may be really helpful to you:


Serif’s Affinity has been labeled as “Photoshop Killer” and it seems there is a reason to it. The 1,000,000 percent zoom is something very cool over Photoshop’s 32,000. For vector art, it is quite understandable. The undo and history features in Affinity allow you to go back over 8000 steps. It has come up to a competition level for Photoshop and many other tools. UI has been kept much similar to Photoshop with tightening up everything and hiding distractions. You can easily manage images and vectors without damaging them.


With Avocode, you can easily export your Photoshop and Sketch designs into all elements and layers kept intact as it acts as a bridge between designers and developers. Avocode is what you need if you are a front-end developer who is looking for an easier way to get your work over to your back-end coders. All of the work takes place in a central location, rather than searching for new revisions which reflects its collaborative nature. Avocode is very flexible while working with Windows, OS X, and Linux.


Both website design and development in one, Webydo is an extraordinary decision for designers hoping to make web designs without expecting to hand compose code or depend on a web developer to help them. A unique feature amongst the most exciting component in Webydo is the capacity to make “pixel-perfect responsive web designs” that work great on a variety of devices. Webydo permits designers to start with a current layout or design or to begin from scratch with a drag and drop interface. You basically design in the web editor, and it composes the code for you. Prevalent website highlights, as animated carousels, can likewise be added without expecting to compose code, making Webydo is a web design tool that could rapidly turn into a most loved for some designers.


From rapidly constructing wireframes, prototypes, and mock-ups, the Macaw user interface looks similar to that of Photoshop. Moreover, if you are familiar with Adobe’s flagship image manipulation app, then you will like using Macaw. As you work, Macaw generates the underlying HTML and CSS in the background. The code the app produces is actually really well constructed and semantic. While the code might not be that useful to WordPress developers using a drag and drop structure, it does give you a quick and easy way to demonstrate the user interface of your proposed web design without using a WordPress theme. Macaw has the ability to create fully responsive designs to be compatible for all devices. Moreover, with custom breakpoints it helps to test how the layout will look on various devices.


Antetype is a UX design application expected to create responsive user interfaces for apps and websites. It is supplied with all the tools required to create high-fidelity prototypes and that is not exactly production files. It is able to dispense with functional widget library to create prototype and start with the designing process. You can create a highly complex UI designs with the pecking order of the nesting support to iOS, Android and Windows making it flexible enough to be resized for screens of mobile devices. Its designs can be exported very well as pixel or vector based graphics and with just a click away, specifications of designs are ready. Another exciting feature is that it has an active community section on the site where one can download UI kits from his peer for designing.


Atomic is great prototyping tool for showcasing clients and stakeholders your mock-ups or sending developer an overview of what you need them to create and to pull in designs from Photoshop or Sketch. Addition of framework and send it off to your designer or client for further approval is possible with its collaborative abilities. This tool does not necessitate any coding and offers 30-day free trial for a beginner where you can begin from a canvas to sketch documents. This tool allows any changes at any stage and allows returning any of them when not in need. Apart from this, you can design prototypes on your Desktop or Mac and preview them on any device. Prototypes can be shared with links and comments in one place and also can create elements using an advanced motion timeline. Swipe, Hover and double tap offers variety of interaction triggers and gestures. With time, flexibility to use this device becomes more tranquil.

With the latest technologies and constructive tools, the complexity of the web designing job has been reduced undoubtedly but the best tools can only create more attractive and impressive designs. Stay tuned with us for more info and latest updates on technologies and tools!